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Your Perfect Pigment order includes free membership in our Beauty Club. Our Beauty Club will save you lots of time and money! You’ll conveniently receive a new shipment every sixty days of the Perfect Pigment Palette, Lipgloss, and Concealer; a $75 value for only 39.95 plus shipping. You will have unlimited, free online customization access to customize or change your delivery dates or color palette as often as needed ( if you need a darker shade for summer ). You may select ship dates to arrive at any frequency you’d like from every 30, 60, 90, 120, or 180 days. You may choose odd number days as well. Please fill out the form below with your shipment preference. You may customize as often as needed. *Please note this page is for customizations only; for all other requests please contact customer service. Shipments may only be scheduled up to 1 year and then every six months thereafter, submissions with dates longer than 1 year will be automatically corrected to 1 year from the date submitted.

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