About Christina

Christina Sullivan has a world-renowned reputation as a hairstylist and makeup artist who has worked with hundreds of celebrities, producers, directors, musicians, and super models.

Christina discovered that ninety percent of women, of all ages, simply could not apply their own makeup correctly. When asked about this, they complained that makeup was too complicated and overwhelming! Sadly, most women did not duplicate their makeovers at home, no matter how much instruction they were given. Christina was determined to find a solution.

The answer came purely by mistake when Christina began to paint with oils. As she attempted to paint a portrait she discovered that only a single flesh tone was available.

The paint did not have any depth or dimension that even closely resembled human skin. She realized this was the same problem all women have with liquid foundations.

She pondered this problem and wondered how to duplicate the same depth and dimension she achieved with makeup onto the canvas. In that moment the idea of Perfect Pigment mineral makeup was born.

A lab sample was made and it worked perfectly. Therein the product was aptly named Perfect Pigment. This was the solution to the problems her clients had in applying makeup! And the added benefit is perfectly matched color and coverage every time. “It’s a completely mistake proof application for every woman.”

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